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Build your own website in 10 minutes!
If you have a domain name, it will be enough...
"I would like a simple website, which introduces my company, what we do with some galleries and newsletter system. It is totally enough for me." Do you know these things? After that, the customer will get to a web developer company, and he will have website after months (even 5-7 months). When the website is "ready", you try it in your phone and tablet, but on these devices it won't work or the Google does not find it.
If you would like to avoid these problems (mentioned above) then you are in the decent site. CHOOSE LITEWEB! You do not have to be a programmer. You do not have to install the programs or copy lot of files to strange servers. In the Liteweb, you can build your own website step by step in a very easy way. You can upload your own logo and you can fill in the menus with your content, you can direct your reserved domain name and your site is ready.
Stylish in mobile, tablet and in monitor as well...
Why is it good if my website is designed for all devices?
Nowadays the internet are browsed by tablets, mobile phones and desktop PC-s as well. If you have already tried to open websites with mobile phone or with tabets, sure you met the situation, when you couldn't open these sites or couldn't read the texts, etc, so it was too circumstancial.

At the Liteweb, you can make a responsive internet site where you don't have any problems with the size or resolution. Your website which is made in the Liteweb depending on the devices are resizing and is readable without enlargement of the text.
Changable content and design at any time
Do not have to wait until the programmer is updating!
I ams sure you have already met the following situations: there was image changing in the company, holiday season came, maybe new product was launched and you would have wanted to change your site according to these criterias - not only in the uploaded images but the colors, the feeling of the site as well.

We continously expand the design features, this way if you would like to change the outlook of the site, you can do it without any restriction at any time. Really simple and self-evident administration site is built by us for you to refresh your site in a very easy way.
Demo site 1

Would you like to use the latest websdevelopment wave to present your site?
"Big Colours" is for you.

Demo site 2

Classical design theme, built on a responsive dínamic.

Demo site 3

Scroll among your photos or among the uploaded contents in a really ergonomic and simple environment! We developed the "Style Slider" by the principle of the image viewer of the mobiles.